Hej! We are Doro and Sebastian, two physicists working on emerging photovoltaics. Currently we stay at Åbo Akademi University in Turku, Finland. On this page we would like to introduce us to you. Read more about our journey together as postdocs in the welcome post of our blog.


Picture of DoroDoro was born in Berlin, where she studied physics at the Freie Universität. She went to Oldenburg for her master’s degree to specialize in renewable energies. In her doctoral studies, she investigated the limiting factors in colloidal nanocrystal solar cells. As a postdoc, she has switched to organic solar cells and just successfully launched her first project proposal.

One of Doro’s special interests are morphological investigations of nanostructured solar cells. She has reached a high level of expertise in high-resolution electron microscopy, including advanced techniques like tomography. For many years, Doro has engaged in the gender equality work at the university. She has good organisational skills, an eye for the essentials, and is used to handle different projects simultaneously.

Doro loves to spend her weekends pottering about in her garden and on the football field.


Picture of SebastianSebastian grew up in Northern Germany and received his university education in Oldenburg. His doctoral thesis dealt with the generation, extraction and recombination of charge carriers in organic solar cells. After graduating with honours, he took a break from academia and explored Europe by train. During his journeys, he rediscovered his passion for writing and started a blog about sustainable travel by rail.

Sebastian’s favorite project was the design and construction of a setup for transient electro-optical measurements. He has always had a desire to get to the bottom of things. Sebastian worked with many students and has a talent to guide them through their first steps in research. He has a passion for good design and straighforward presentation.

Sebastian likes swimming, cycling and his bass guitar.