Finns love their forest. But when summer turns to autumn, you find them even more often than usual crawling through the undergrowth. Why? To do two of their favorite things: picking mushrooms and berries.

Finland is full of mushrooms and berries. It is said that even in bad years, 20 buckets of berries are waiting in the endless woods – for every single Finn. The cool thing: You are allowed to pick them everywhere. Even on private ground! The reason for that is the everyman’s right. This right is based on the belief that nature belongs to everyone. So everyone should be allowed to do what they want – as long as it does no harm to anyone.

We tried our luck with blueberries. Of course, every Finn has their own super-duper secret spot where the best ones are growing. We found such a place by accident. So we spent our Sunday afternoon like a Finn: outdoors and always on the hunt for the biggest und sweetest berries.

The result of our little excursion you see in the last picture.

By the way: Can you guess how many pieces we collected? Just write down your estimate in the comments below! 🙂

Blueberries Finland

Forest Finland autumn

Mushroom Finland forest

Finland Autumn Forest

Finland Autumn Forest

Finland Autumn Forest