Moving is a pain. Especially if you move in another country. Even more complicated it gets if it’s just for half a year. It took days to allocate the things we would or would not take to Finland.

If you read the post about our journey to Turku, you might have noticed that each of us came up with two backpacks and one suitcase of clothes and other stuff. Not much, perhaps, considering what some people take with them to their one-week trip to Mallorca.

But we didn’t tell you the whole story.

Packing a parcel

The truth is that we… okay, it was mainly Sebastian… so that Sebastian didn’t want to live without one luxury item: his espresso machine.

So we put it in a big parcel, lots of equipment in another, wrote our Turku address on top and brought them to the post office. We then stepped into the train and almost forgot about the two chunks following us.

It was then excactly one week after our arrival when we found this notice of the Finnish postal service Posti in our letterbox:

Notification card Posti Finland

It took only one week from Germany to Finland

Obviously the two parcels made their way to Finland, and even the postman found the right apartment in our building – great! By the way: It wasn’t that easy to identifiy the correct address. There are actually two, the street address and the postal address. But thanks to René from the blog FinnTouch, we finally figured out which one is which.

On the notice you find a tracking code, which – once entered on the Posti website – tells you excatly what dimensions your package has, what it actually weighs and where to pick it up.

Did we say the packages were big? No, they were HUGE. And heavy. Lucky us that we have bicycles now! Imagine two crazy Germans carrying a 17-kilogram and a 19-kilogram parcel on their rickety bikes through Turku. It must have looked silly. Oh wait, it did look silly! On that friday evening we were the attraction in town.

Parcels from Germany to Finland

Here they are, the two bastards

Coffee and porridge

Back home we found everyhing in the parcels still intact, even the espresso and cappuccino cups. For sure this was due to the the packaging skills of Sebastian’s father (we call him the Christo of East Westphalia now).

Another reason might be the special filling. We stuffed the packages with cereals, almonds, walnuts, cranberries and more of what you need for a good porridge. As these things are quite expensive in Finland, we took the oppertunity to import them… 🙂

The next morning we spent satisfied on the balkony, enjoying our familiar breakfast ceremony. A piece of home in the far north!

Espresso machine coffee grinder cups

Voilà, the new coffee corner in our apartment

Almonds Walnuts Cranberries Linseed

Some stuff you need for a really good porridge

Breakfast Porridge Cappuccino

The 2youngscientists breakfast ceremony back in action 🙂